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Udemy - Ethical Hacking – Capture the Flag Walkthroughs – v2

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Name:Udemy - Ethical Hacking – Capture the Flag Walkthroughs – v2


Welcome to Ethical Hacking – Capture the Flag Walkthroughs v2!

If you’re like me, you can’t get enough information on pentesting/hacking techniques. We want more, more, more!

This course picks up where v1 left off using all new capture the flag exercises,  all new step-by-step video tutorials and hands on labs.

You’ve taken enough ethical hacking courses. You know about the different pentesting tools but you’re just not quite sure how to use them in a real world penetest.  Congratulations! You came to the right course!

Using the hacking methodology, this course will teach you how to use pentesting tools to enumerate and gain root access. Over the span of the course, you will learn the different attack vectors used to exploit a target.

You’ll learn Python, PHP scripting and tricks of the trade that will astound you!

This is not a course for beginners, bug hunters or wanna-be script kiddies. Anyone enrolling should have a good command of the Linux terminal and be able to follow written step-by-step instructions. Each step of every capture the flag exercise is covered in a video tutorial.

You’ve taken the ethical hacking courses, you’ve been introduced to the tools and the methodology. This course brings it all together showing students how to perform an actual pentest and gain root access.

Students step through each of the Capture the Flags (CTF) walkthroughs learning how to footprint a target, enumerate the target for possible vulnerabilities, analyze the vulnerabilities and exploit the target to gain root access. Each CTF demonstrates the advance techniques and different attack vectors used by professional pentesters and hackers.

Student having completed the Syberoffense Ethical Hacking course can now put to use what they have learned. You’ve seen the tools, heard all the war stories, now learn to hack like you’ve been wanting to.

Don’t cheat yourself! Check out the free preview of the first module of the course. Student have a life time a access and more CTF exercises will be added over time.
Who this course is for:

   Those wanting to see the pentesting tools and hacking methodology being used.
   This course is not for those new to ethical hacking.
   Those wanting to be learn advance pentesting/hacking techniques.


   Intermediate expertise with pentesting or hacking.
   Completion of ‘Ethical Hacking Using Hands on Training’ or any ethical hacking course is a plus.
   Comfortable using the Linux command line interface (CLI).
   Comfortable learning bits of programming code such as Python and PHP.
   Comfortable creating virtual machines.
   Hardware and software capable of handling virtualization.
   Comfortable with the English language.

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